First Steps & Best Practises

Recognition Server - First Processing Steps

  1. Get a trial license of Recognition Server
  2. Install the product, details can be found in the installation/admin guide
    EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, RU
  3. Have a look at the Recognition Server screen captures - they show how Recognition Server works and how it has to be set up.
  4. Test the Standard Workflow on 1 image with “normal font” image
  5. Have a look @ the documentation :-D
  6. Change the Default Recognition Server Workflow and activate “Gothic OCR

  1. Start only with a few documents - you will see that the processing takes a while
  2. Check/monitor the status of the job(s) in the Admin Console, you have to refresh the list manually
  3. Enable/play with different Export Formats
    • Text only
    • XML-Result-Ticket to get an idea how the document was processed
    • Office or PDF
  4. Enable the old languages or the ones you need (recommended not more than 3, but max. 5, because then the recognition quality will go down!)

… more to come