Case Studies & Customers with ABBYY Fraktur/Gothic OCR

In the projects and organisations listed below ABBYY Gothic OCR was used to digitize and convert historic documents.

Recognition Server

  • University of Southampton Improves Access to its Collection
    • The Library selected Recognition Server because it perfectly matched their requirements – delivery of high quality OCR on printed texts; a broad variety of output options; and an open API for easy integration with other programs.
  • University of Zurich - State Archive Zurich (10/2011)
    • The tasks of the project are automatic image-to-text conversion (OCR) of the approximately 11,000 pages. These documents are typeset in Gothic script (blackletter or Fraktur) mixed with the antiqua fonts of modern typesetting.
    • In a cooperation project of the State Archive and the Institute of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich, we digitize these texts and prepare them for public online access.
      • Scientific Publication - 7 pages
      • OCR ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0, Gothic enabled,
      • Post processing and analysis based on the XML Output.
  • National Library of Lithuania
    • Recognition Server was truly a “pleasure to work with”, according to E.Ragutskis. “It provided unsurpassed recognition quality, ease of verification, flexible workflow configuration and allowed us to complete the project easier than expected. Project was made with a budget 4 times smaller than initially planned.”
    • PDF of the Case Study EN - online
    • More Infos:

“50,000 periodicals processed in 3 months with better quality, less effort, less expenses and less time than was expected,”
Edvinas Ragutskis, project manager of “INFO-TEC” Paslaugu centras; National Library of Lithuania

    • The EOD service was started within the framework of the project “Digitisation on Demand” co-funded by the eTEN programme line.
    • EOD uses ABBYY Recognition Server with Fraktur/Gothic Support extended with additional technologies developed by the University of Innsbruck.
    • Read more about the network and service: Mühlberger, Günter, and Silvia Gstrein.
      “EBooks on Demand (EOD): a European Digitization Service.” IFLA Journal. 35. 1 (2009): 35-43.

    • The Bavarian State Library uses ABBYY Recognition Server

FineReader Engine (SDK)

  • Fraunhofer-Institut & Neue Züricher Zeitung
    • Newspaper Archive Digitalisation (NZZ) 2 million newspaper pages from 1780-2005

(70 Terabyte) executed by
Fraunhofer Institut Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme

FineReader XIX

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