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Recognition Server 4.0 - Latest Version

Recognition Server 4.0 - Multilingual
Before downloading the version, make sure you have a valid serial number.

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Release Information

  • Part#: 1135/25 - Build:
  • Size: 680 MB, self extracting.exe
  • Release Date: 14.08.2014
  • Product Brochures Recognition Server:

Previous version

If you have a Serial Number starting with
DREX-0350-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx you need to download the version 3.5:

Recognition Server 3.5 - Release 3

Release Information

  • Part#: 691/25 - Build:
  • Size: 448 MB, self extracting.exe
  • Release Date: 25.07.2013

FineReader XIX

  • The distribution/sales of the product ended

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