ABBYY & Old Font OCR

ABBYY's History of Gothic Fonts Recognition

  • 2003: FineReader XIX - 1st “old font OCR” Desktop Product released
  • 2004 FineReader Engine 7.0 - 1st OCR SDK release with Gothic support
  • 2005 FineReader Engine 8.0 - possible to process documents that combine Gothic and Antiqua fonts in one textblock
  • 2006 Recognition Server - Server based processing with Gothic OCR option. Based on ABBYY V8.0 Technology
  • 2008 FineReader Engine 9.0 - ongoing technology improvements - “State of the Art”- when IMPACT started
  • 2010:
    • FineReader Engine 10 released
      with first IMPACT improvements
    • Recognition Server 3.0 released
      based on ABBYY V10 Technology
  • 2011: IMPACT optimisation still ongoing

Recognition Improvement Overview

  • From 2003 on the core recognition technologies were continuously improved.
  • To archive these reduced error rate, optimisations were made in different areas of the technology
    • Image-Preprocessing
    • Document Analysis
    • Character Recognition
    • Language and Dictionary Support

* the numbers are based in internal ABBYY tests on a defined set of documents


  • Some original files and the conversion results, generated with different technologies can be found here

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