Licensing & Pricing for Gothic/Fraktur OCR

  • ABBYY provides licences for historic font OCR only on a project base.
  • The projects have a defined volume, so the price of the license is based on the number of pages that have to be processed.
  • ABBYY Europe lowered the pricing for historic font OCR projects so that it is now suitable for mass digitalisation projects.
  • In historic books and documents Gothic and “normal”/Antiqua fonts are mixed, and the new pricing allows to process mixed collections.
    Pre-sorting just to save costs for OCR not necessary.

ABBYY FineReader Server with Gothic/Fraktur

  • The prices for these licences are a one time payment.
  • The licences allow you to process a defined volume of pages.
  • There is no time restriction when to process the pages
Total Volume
per License
Price 149 Euro* Buy online 199 Euro* Buy online 299 Euro* Buy online 499 Euro* Buy online 999 Euro* Buy online

*prices are excl. VAT

For lager volumes of 50.000 pages or more - please contact the ABBYY for a project offer

Licence Features

  • Total volume of pages with modern + old font support
    • Additionally 10% of the volume as “normal” OCR, so a 10.000 page Gothic/Fraktur license allows 1.000 additional “normal pages” ( more details...)
    • One page = one DIN A4 Page. Pages larger than DIN A4 will be divided during processing nad counted accordingly in the Page Counter. More details about Page Counter >
  • The following stations for FineReader Server are included:
    • 1 Station for Scanning
    • 5 Indexing Stations
    • 5 Verification Stations
      not available yet, but included in the license key
      the new release with this Station can later be downloaded and re-installed on the machine, with the existing license.
    • All Stations can be started locally on one machine or distributed in the network, please see documentation for more details.
  • The processing power is not limited, because the total volume is limited.
  • XML Export and API is available
  • Note: The licences sold online do not allow the usage of FineReader Server in virtual machines.
    Read why...

ABBYY FineReader Engine - SDK for Developers

  • If you are an organisation developing software or a Scan Service Provider and you want to test the ABBYY SDKs you have to contact ABBYY.
  • To develop own applications or processing systems, a developer toolkit has to be purchased, the processing volume is then licensed in customised project licences.

ABBYY FineReader 7.0 XIX

  • Important Note
    • Sales of FineReader XIX ended Q3/2011
    • Recognition Server offers more features, better quality and better pricing
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