Product Overview

Online OCR Service

  • For Private Users with a need for converting only a few pages, we recommend our online OCR service ABBYY FineReader Online. It requires no additional software to be installed and is accessible to any Web user, no matter which PC, laptop computer, mobile device or operating system he or she uses. A convenient pay-per-use model allows you to benefit from ABBYY Fraktur OCR technologies, even if you only need OCR from time to time.
  • For Professionals: Evaluate ABBYY Recognition Server
  • For Developers: Have a look at the ABBYY SDKs for Windows, Linux or MacOS

FineReader Server with Gothic/Fraktur Support

  • Recognition Server is a professional product:
    • Designed for (automated) mass digitalisation projects
    • It is based on the latest ABBYY Fraktur/Gothic recognition technologies
    • Easy to install and to set up
  • ABBYY is convinced that the audience dealing with the topic will be able to work with and use FineReader Server, despite the challenges of old font OCR ;-)

FineReader Engines (SDKs)

  • To achieve the highest recognition quality on old documents, many different different technologies a have to be combined - only SDKs allow this optimisations:
    • Image pre-processing optimisation
    • Adjust the Document Analysis results
    • Trained Characters
    • Use custom, content specific dictionaries
    • Implement custom verification and post correction
  • FineReader Engine is designed with Software Developers in mind, and it gives low level access to all the processing and recognition technologies.
  • FineReader Engine 10 was continuously improved during ABBYY's participation in the IMPACT Project
    Newer version of the SDK of course also can process historic documents when the license allows for it.

FineReader XIX

  • FineReader XIX was released 2003/04 as the first OCR product designed for historic fonts
  • Over the years the core OCR technology was optimised, so that ABBYY products that are based on newer technologies deliver better results.
  • ABBYY has stopped sales and support of FineReader XIX finally in September 2011.
  • Note: “Regular” FineReader Professional/Corporate Editions are not able to process historic fonts. ABBYY Recognition Server has to be used instead, for small volumes FineReader Online will be an alternative in the future.
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