Recognition Server with Gothic/Fraktur

  • ABBYY Recognition Server is
    • easy to install on one machine
    • but at the same time extremely scalable, for automated OCR conversion
    • Recognition Server is intended for a professional audience

  • The Administration interface is
    • straight forward
    • available in many languages
  • Recognition Server comes with additional Stations
    • Scanning Station
    • Indexing Station
    • Verification Station
    • The stations are optional, you can use them, but core processing can of course be executed automatically without a user interaction.

  • Recognition Server OCR Technology
    • includes the improved Gothic/Fraktur recognition technology that was enhanced for the European wide IMPACT project.
    • Recognition Server offers advanced processing and export options
      • Documents can be separated by separation pages
      • Multiple files in one folder can be merged easily in one document
      • Different font types, like Normal, Typewriter or Gothic can be set up to get the best recognition results for special documents
      • The recognition results can be exported to a variety of formats, including XML.

Request a Recognition Server Trial

  • All features
  • Limited volume (50 pages)

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