RS Normal and Gothic/Fraktur Page counters


  • Recognition Server XIX is sold only with a defined volume of pages.
  • There are 2 counters:
    • counter for pages with “normal” / standard font
    • counter for pages with “Fraktur” / Gothic / Historic fonts.
  • A licence that allows e.g.
    • 20.000 pages with Gothic/Fraktur recognition will also
    • have/allow 10 % of the volume with normal fonts (= 2.000 pages)

Counters & Workflow Settings

  • The Advanced Processing Settings of a workflow define which page counter is used

  • The used/available pages, can be checked via the Administration Console:

Important Note: the shown number in the main dialog are pages processed with “normal” OCR fonts.

You have to open the License Properties to see the Gothic page counter

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